Air Zooka Fun

Friends~ I am coming off an amazing weekend!  First, we had a fake snow day on Friday. was cancelled and we had NO snow!  Now, I have to make that day up on Saturday but it was worth it.  I loved hanging with my kiddos and friends!  We did lunch and shopped:)  

On Saturday morning we headed off to Savannah, GA for my birthday!  My husband planned the trip.  The weather was perfect and so were Lily and Ian:)  We met up with my Brother Paul and his wife Sarah.  We also went on our very first GHOST Tour!  It was so much fun:)  Check out how my Ian looks like my brother!

We ended our weekend with some fun shopping today and a horse and buggy tour!  There is so much history there!  We need a whole other weekend to see even half of what Savannah has to offer!  This was one of my favorite parts!  Tybee Island!  Feet in the Sand!

After all the family, sand, and touring fun we got our shopping on.  Glen and the kiddos bought me this fun bracelet for my birthday day!
  Love it!  

My kiddos on the other had feel they may have found the coolest toy ever in Savannah! 

 Check out the AIR ZOOKA!
Click the Image Below! 

It is this crazy air shooter.  You pull back on the plastic liner and it will shoot a puff of air 20-40 feet!  We played with it a ton in the store.  Glen shot Lily when she was reading a book and her hair flew straight up!  
The only bad news is I did not buy it!!!!! AND I took NO pictures.  Seriously????  
I am totally regretting the no picture thing but I am thinking that I will be ordering one of these guys for school.  
I am thinking FORCE and MOTION people!  

I have a feeling that I am going to be adding to this unit very soon with the AIRZOOKA!
Click the Image below to preview my Force and Motion Packet! 

I leave you with this crazy video of my boy digging on Tybee Beach in JANUARY!  


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