100 Day T Shirt Collections!

Friends~The 100th Day of school is approaching.  It is a fantastic accomplishment for both teacher and students!  I really like to put my own swing on this special day by making 100 Day T Shirt Collections.  My students bring in  new or old t shirts just before the 100 day and I decorate them using base ten blocks and fabric stamp pads.  I even use a cube for the dot on the exclamation mark!

I then get my decorating centers set up.  I copy off the next page and mount each card on constructions paper.  I laminate so that I can use the cards year after year.  I place the supplies needed for each stations in baskets.  The items I use are fabric stamps, fabric markers, base ten stamps,  money stamps, and any other stamps I have laying around.

I love how creative the t shirts get.  The students really make them their own and they make a perfect keepsake from this special day in class! 
Check them out in action!

 Crayola's fabric markers are perfect.  They come in the prettiest colors and work great! 
I also add some idea lists for my students to use in decorating.  You can download a free copy of my 100 Day Decorating List by clicking the image below!
Check out more of my Hip, Hip Hooray! 100 Day T shirt Collections packet!  This packet will walk you through setting up your 100 Day decorating centers and also give you fun filled book activities.  
Just click the image below to read more about it! 



  1. What an adorable keepsake from school!

  2. Love the t-shirt idea for the 100th day of school! I wish I would have looked this up earlier since our 100th day is Friday, but I am going to save the idea for next year. Thanks for the idea.


  3. What a super cute idea! I am pinning it!
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