So Much to Share & So Little Time!

Friends~I have so much to share but so little time!  It has been a whirl wind of Back to School and sports!  The Schroeder Family actually spent 13 hours at the ballpark on Saturday!  I started at Ian's T Ball game which was so darn cute.  They are starting to be able to get outs at first so the boys are really motivated by that to say the least!

Lily had a one day softball tournament on Saturday too!  They had 3 straight shutouts!  Then we got to sit in the van for 45 minutes while it stormed.  The grounds crew did get the field ready in time to play the championship game at 7:30 p.m.  The Diamond Crushers came in 2nd in the A Bracket.  So super proud of the team.  They have not been in the A Bracket for many moons so this was a major victory even if we lost.  Check out these tough cookies below!
That is them at 9:15 p.m. Saturday night!  Lily was so tired when she got home she threw her socks away instead of putting them in the hamper!

We also ended out week at school with a BANG or a Buddy!  We made the cutest Bunny Buddies to go along with our story Listen Buddy by Helen Lester.  Check them out below.  I love this activity because they have to listen to my directions to make the bunnies.  No scissors allowed.  I promise that you will learn tons about your students from this simple activity! 

You can grab this activity and tons more by clicking on My Classroom Community lesson below.  My kiddos have totally loved this author study and it has really gotten us all thinking about how we need to treat each other:)

Check out my Bloggin Buddy's BUDDIES on her site!  I am so excited that she like my activities and shared them with her class of cuties!

We have been bouncing ideas all week about this unit!  It is so wild to think that we are in 2 different states and we are planning together!

I also am drowning in paperwork so I have put a ban on all teacher student notes in paper.  I have gone to writing right on their desk in dry erase marker.  I love it!  I have written special schedules, transportation changes, reminders, and little positive praise messages.  The kiddos think it rocks!

I love just adding stars and smiles to their desks when I spot them doing something great!  By the end of the day it is worn off or we use a Magic Eraser!

I am super excited to announce my Jazzing Up my Writing Center WINNER!  

(I will be sending an email with further information!)

Thanks to all that entered!  I got tons of fun new ideas to use with my students in our Writing Center from your comments!

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  1. I totally hear you! I've been super duper dee exhausted! ;0

    I love how you wrote a message on their desk! I would have never thought of that.

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