Buy Me Some Peanuts and Cracker Jacks!

Friends~My kiddos are so excited about our Baseball theme!  In fact, one of my little ones said that they could not wait to make unicorns next week!  ie...uniforms!  They are so fun and nutty!  Check out my team bulletin board!  Each classroom has created a team name, colors, and mascots.  We are The Schroeder Gators!  (That is top secret!)  We will be using the glyph below to represent our teams.  They we will tour the hallway and try to figure out what the other classrooms have named their teams!  Below you will see our pennants that we made to represent out team!
My teammate is still working on her side of the board.

 Here is my wreath of many seasons!  I decorate it for different themes, holidays and seasons.  We cut the baseballs out on my Cricut machine!  They are so cute!

We also created our own baseball cards.  Don't tell Mr. Schroeder but I snatched a box of his old cards to share with the class.  They got a huge kick out of looking at the pictures and collecting information and then looking at the stats on the back.  My teammate came up with the glyph idea but I really think they will connect to it from collecting data from the baseball cards.

You can download a free copy of our Glyph  by clicking the image below!  We are using a cutout of a gingerbread man for this.  The students will decorate their ballplayer according to the glyph and then will use the 2nd sheet to tour the other classes.

We also have 2 UNCC baseball players coming next week to speak with our classes about teamwork!  I am really excited for the students to meet these young ballplayers!

If you are looking for a way to bring teamwork into your classroom I would love it if you would take a peek at my Baseball Unit!  Just click the image below.  Be sure to download the preview to receive a few pages for free!

I also just added my 40 page All About Bat unit for the month of October.  It is a perfect play on words with a baseball bat and a flying bat!  Watch the video below to preview the file or click the image to purchase.  (This unit has a free preview download too:)


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