Happy FALL Y'all!

Friends~It is my very favorite time of year...FALL!  Bats and spiders and pumpkins galore!  I just started decking out room 331 for the Fall Season with some fun spider webs, giant spiders, pumpkins, and of course a black cauldron and broom.  I can't wait to see my kiddos reaction on Monday!

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Here are some of my very favorite activities for the month of October! 


I love studying bats!  They are really amazing creatures!  Their life cycle fits perfectly into our Common Core Standards for 2nd grade.  I always start with a KWL to tap into prior knowledge and start generating questions about bats.  Last year,  I used rubber bat erasers as a special treat and each student was given a different bat picture when they came in.  They had to research the bat and then create a report using the strategy of showing and not telling to describe their bat.  We presented the reports at the end of the unit and it was so much fun!
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You can also preview a video of my Bat Unit Here
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Be sure to check out this echolocation video for a jazzy Echolocation song that your students will absolutely love!

Another favorite is my Holey Pumpkin Day!  I love  studying the life cycle of a pumpkin in class and then spending time carving them with my 2nd graders.  The only problem  I kept running into was that some of my students did not celebrate Halloween so carving Jack O Lanterns was not going to work for them.  So that is how Holey Pumpkin Day was born.  It is still basically the same...we study the life cycle of a pumpkin but on carving day we create fall lanterns by drilling holes in them based on how many seeds are inside each pumpkin.  My kiddos love them and they are a beautiful display for my parents too!
Click the image below to download my preview which includes a video explanation of the file and also a freebie!

Check out my kiddos in action!  This is a great way to get the Dads involved with their power drills!

I cut the tops off early and my students head into a variety of centers before they do any carving.  Above is one of my fantastic DADS running our drilling stations!  I had both of his sons and he came back both years to help out:)

I would love it if you would give any part of this post a pin!  What are some traditions in your classroom for celebrating the season?

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