A Baby Cricut!

Friends~I am so excited!  Look what I just got in the mail!  My BABY Cricut!  I am sooo in love!  I have the MAMA at school and I use it all the time.  This Cricut Mini baby is going to be for home fun:)

    It came all packaged up in cuteness!

I was super impressed with the Step by Step guide.  I literally took me only minutes to get this baby out and cutting. 
 The little tab is Velcro so it opens like a wallet!  Perfect for keeping all the steps safe and at your fingertips.  I also like that the steps were numbered so that I could follow them easily and keep them in order.

I had not used the online Cricut Craft Room before so it was a huge treat.  It was amazingly easy to get the software downloaded and my personal craft room set up.  I could search images and place them on my virtual cutting mat.  I also really like the handles that allowed me to re size and move images easily.  I loved that I could layer my mats to stay organized and the copy/paste option allowed me to cut with speed!

I followed all of the steps to make the thank you card that comes with the instructions.  Honestly, it only took a few steps and the paper came with the machine.  Check it out below!  I am totally whipping up a few of these to have on hand!  They would be perfect with seasonal paper and some burlap twine.

I could not help myself once I got started!  We are beginning our unit on Baseball and Teamwork next week at school so I made some fun signs for my teammates!  I think they will be super cute outside our doors!  I only wish I had more paper colors at home.

Believe it or not all of the cuts made on these 2 projects were made with the images that come with the Cricut Mini!  I am so looking forward to FALL and all of the Halloween crafts that this baby will cut for me:)

Baseball and softball runs in the family so I had to try out some self adhesive vinyl cutting too!  Ian and Lily are loving their new helmets.  You can tell Lily will be needing a new one soon but goodness she does play 4-6 games in a weekend!  It has taken a good beating!

Now I am truly a novice at this Cricut business but after only a hours or so of cutting I really feel like I can use this mini cutting machine for some real fun at home and not just for my teaching.  The vinyl lettering was so simple and I can't wait to try out a quote in my house.  It peels right off so I can change them out as needed.

If you are looking for ideas for the home the Cricut's Project Center is filled with tons of easy to follow crafts for your Cricut Mini!   Click the image below to visit and see all the exciting ways that Cricut can change how you craft!



  1. I LOVE my Cricut mini. I told my husband I want to stay home tomorrow and be crafty. He said I have to go to work. He is no fun.
    Rowdy in First Grade

  2. Looks like a great tool. Have fun! Renee


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