A Word Study and Spelling TOUR!

Friend~I have been getting several questions about my Word Study & Spelling center activities so I decided to take you on a tour of my center.  Check out the video below to see how I organize my supplies for my students.

I use this center as part of my Daily Five rotation.  My students head into this center to practice their spelling and sight words.  I was lucky enough to find the tub storage at the Goodwill super cheap and it is perfect to store my activities in.  I also keep a cupboard full of other items so that I can rotate the choices.  I added the labels with Velcro so that I can switch the labels.

Here are a few of my kiddos top favorites!
This is our Cell Phone Center.  I asked my parents to send in any old cell phones that they had laying around at home.  My students then use a copy of a phone to spell their words.   They record the # code that they need to spell the word.  It is a fun challenge for them! 
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Another favorite is SHAVING Cream!  My team thinks I am crazy for allowing my students to do this but I promise if you train them what a dollop looks like and that they need to work until it is gone you will be in good shape.  

Here is the dollop:)  A good idea would be to take a picture of how big the dollop should be for your students to use as an example:)

I also allow my students to work on the computer with a variety of activities.
 Here is a list of a few of their favorites:
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 Word-Type your words in Microsoft Word and change the font and color.





  1. I love checking in too what's been going on! Thank you for sharing your Cell Phone Spelling and for making it a freebie!

    1. Oops...*checking in to see what's been going on"


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