POP Quiz!

With testing season upon us I am reminded how lucky I am to be teaching 2nd grade.  The older grades in my building are working hard to prepare their classes for EOGs and that includes my Lily Kay who is in 4th grade.  As much as I enjoy not having to deal with test anxiety, I am not blind to the fact that my 2nd graders are just a year away from standardized testing.  So at the end of the year, I always begin "testing" on key topics in class like Science and Social Studies.  My kiddos are already familiar with our Whiz Quiz (Spelling Test) so I just add in my idea of a POP Quiz!

Basically I chant POP Quiz and my kiddos clap once and line up to grab their LolliPOP from our Lolly Tree and their Quiz sheet.  I never really have a plan for the POP Quiz I just usually create the questions as I go.  I do 10 questions and then we switch to grade.  By then the kiddos are done with their lollipops and we have had a good review!  Grab a free copy of my POP Quiz Sheet by clicking the image below!


  1. Great idea! I am going back to school Monday and I think this is a great way to review all sorts of topics.
    Good luck to your daughter and all the kiddos taking 'the' test.
    My Second Sense

  2. This is so cute and such a great idea! Love it!

    Jamie at 2nd Grade Stuff

  3. Great idea :)


Extra, extra tell Mrs. Schroeder about it!