Hear ALL, Hear ALL! Join in on this Technology Review and Give Away!

Friends~I am so excited to share an incredible resource from Learning Resources.  I was super excited to open my mail just before spring break.  Take a look at the box full of goodies I got to review and share with my kiddos!

The hard part was,  I had to wait until my break was over so that I could try out these learning tools with my class.  Well, Hear ALL, Hear ALL! Today is the day that I introduced my students to the Hear ALL assessment recorder.

 It was perfect timing for my students because we have been working in Literacy Circles where they work as a team to examine different texts.  Below you can see my kiddos participating in a Literacy Circle with a Weekly Reader.  I use the circles in a variety of ways to teach literacy skills and to guide discussions about different texts like poetry, novel studies, trade books, and even Weekly Readers.  Since I can only be in one place at a time I loved being able to place the Hear All recorder in each of my groups and then share the recordings with the class.  Hearing the discussions and comparing them to other groups really helped my class assess their own participation and performance during their Literacy Circle.

I am very impressed with the Hear All for many reasons, first NO Batteries!  It charges with a USB cable right into your computer.  It is small and light weight and there are 4 speakers so the sounds recorded are crisp and clear.  In the video below you can see my students working in their group and discussing while the Hear ALL does it's thing!  This tool was great at keeping my students on task and focused.  Who know it would help with classroom management too:)


I also used the Hear All to give directions for a center that we were working in for Science.  I simply recorded what I wanted the students to do and then set the Hear All to the correct track.  This little baby holds up to 62 tracks so I knew I had plenty of space.  I will also be adding it to my fluency center.  It is simple enough that my students can run it themselves.  I also can record my student's fluency checks and have a copy of each reading to send to parents.  By simply plugging the Hear All in I am able to manage and organize my sound files.

Well, Happy News for ALL of you!  Learning Resources is allowing me to give away one Hear ALL Assessment Recorder to a lucky follower!  I am going to sweeten the deal and also give away a copy of my
Literacy Circle Response Journal. It is a 10 page download that includes directions for how I run my Literacy Circles, a Star Vocabulary Page, Double Entry Journal, Comic Strip Picture Walk, Response Sheet, and a rubric for assessing the groups as a whole.  Which works perfectly with the Hear All Assessment Recorder!
Click the image below to preview this file.
Here is how you win yourself one of these fun gadgets!
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5 simple clicks and you can be entered into this fun give away. 
Please ONLY one entry per person.
This give away will run from Monday, April 16-23. 
Once you have followed all 5 please leave a comment below as your entry.  I will choose a WINNER on Monday, April 23 by random drawing! 



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  2. This would be so handy in the classroom!! I've completed all five steps!!


  3. I would LOVE to win this to go along with your Literacy Circles unit!
    Teaching With Style

  4. I follow all the steps. What a wonderful giveaway.

  5. I followed all the steps and I'm feeling lucky. I just bought an Easy Speak pro and the kids love it. They look like newscasters when giving reports.

  6. What a great giveaway. I have followed all the steps and would love to win. bloss716@gmail.com

  7. I followed all the steps above! I have my fingers crossed.


  8. I followed all the steps. This would be a great asset to my classroom!


  9. I've been wanting one for a long time. Thanks for this chance. I have followed all the steps.
    Come check out my giveaways!

  10. I did all 5 things! This giveaway looks great!


  11. I followed everyone would love to win some new tech products for my classroom. We love using lots of different ways to learn.

  12. WOW... the Hear All sounds fabulous (and yes...I can see the huge advantages in the classroom management / participation area too ;) I will have to see if there is anything like it available here in Australia. Would love to enter, but I don't have Twitter and I don't live in the US! BUT I loved reading about your literacy circles! I started mine a few weeks ago, but it is the first time I have used them, so am off to check out your fab packet on TpT! Good luck to everyone for the giveaway!
    Good Morning Mrs Rubie

  13. I completed all five steps!


  14. What a great give away! The Hear All sounds like a wonderful way to integrate literacy and technology. Thanks so much to both you and Learning Resources for this opportunity!

  15. This sounds perfect for my kiddos! I've done all five steps (it wasn't hard, I was already following 4 of them!)

    Sally from ElementaryMatters

  16. I would LOVE to win one of these! I completed your requirements above (well except for the Twitter one, I don't have an account).
    2nd Grade Rocks!

  17. I have followed all 5. This looks like an awesome piece of technology. I would love to have a chance to use it in my classroom.


  18. What a great tool. It would be perfect for fluency practice. I follow all but twitter.



  19. Sooo excited about this giveaway! I would love to have these resources in my classroom! I completed all the steps and my fingers are crossed :))

  20. I have done all 5 things! The hear all sounds so cool. I would love to have it in my classroom.


  21. All done! My kids would love to use this!

  22. Did all I could! Don't have a twitter or YouTube account :( would love to win this!


  23. I did four out of five. This would be great to use in my classroom!

  24. I am hoping and praying! My grandson called me "silly" saying his is the only Nonnie that stays up to date on social networks having a Facebook an Twitter account. LOL I try!

  25. This looks great!!
    I completed the steps!

  26. This is pretty awesome and I can already tell I will be very jealous of whom ever wins this give away!!!
    And in case I have any luck this time I am all up to date on my followings!


  27. I followed all the steps!!! I want one of these so bad!!


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