A Romp with Reindeer Facts and a Pillow Fort FREEBIE!

Friends...I am just getting back mentally from my Thanksgiving trip in OHIO.  My Monday morning alarm was a bit tough to take!  We spent Sunday getting the house ready for Christmas by trimming a real Fraiser Fur, adding stockings and lights to the mantle and putting our outdoor lights up.  (My 5 year old isn't thrilled with the amount of lights we have so I am sure this weekend we will be out there again adding to the blazing site!) 

The good thing is my mind jumped from turkeys to reindeer!  I put together a nonfiction unit ALL ABOUT REINDEER last month and I spent my time after school putting it into my plans for DECEMBER.  I really think my kiddos are going to love the idea of learning about these amazing creatures. Below is a link where you can grab yourself a copy from my Teachers Notebook Store.  Just click on the image.   
This nonfiction unit also includes a few slides for Jan Brett's A Wild Christmas Reindeer.  If you have not visited her site...it is a must.  She has some of the most amazing links for teaching with her books.  Click the slide below to visit Jan's Site. 

We also have been working on How TOs in Writer's Workshop.  I decided that since we were going on Thanksgiving Break it would be fun to design our own Pillow Fort How TOs. After completing the How TOs we swapped papers to bring home and try to recreate over break.  The students then reviewed eachother's fort.  It was tons of fun and would be great to do over winter break.  Click the image below to download your own copy!

I sure hope you find something useful!  Merry Almost December to ALL and to ALL a good BLOG read!



  1. I just discovered your blog today! I LOVE your layout and I love your Reindeer nonfiction idea. This is my 2nd year of 2nd grade and I LOVE it so much! I am following! Stacy
    2nd Grade Paradise

  2. The Pillow Fort challenge is SUCH a great idea!! I would never, in a million years, have thought of something like that. You have really given me inspiration. Fantastic!!

  3. Stacey and Stephanie...thanks for the kind words. I wish I would have held on to the Pillow Fort idea for winter break. I think the kiddos would totally love it!

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