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     Way back in Ohio time I was teaching first grade and we were using the 4 Block approach along with Fountas and Pinnell  book leveling.  At that time, my school district purchased a membership for Raz-Kids.
It was this great interactive book reading site.  My class loved it because they could read books online or have them read to them.
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       Flash forward to my teaching in North Carolina.  When I first moved here I had to revamp many of my lessons due to the push of "text book" teaching.  I was able to make it my own and found ways to bring the text books to life for my class but I truly missed the openness of the 4 Block Model and Fountas and Pinnell.  Well HAPPY news for me came this school year with the adoption of The Common Core!  My  district is moving to the 4 Block approach and also the FP book leveling.

     That opened me up to branch out in my literacy planning and I turned back to Raz-Kids.  Let me tell you...if I thought they were good before now I think they are Incredible! On this site, you still get the great interactive books for students but now they offer online running records.  I can assign a running record to a child on their own log in page.  They read into the computer and Raz-Kids records the reading.  I then can go back and score it with their simple drop down menu.  I do this with the student and then print off their score.  I get a book level, words per minute, and more.  I can totally clone myself!  I run reading groups and assign running records to other students at the same time.  Plus the students love hearing themselves read and it has been amazing for their fluency!
     My students also earn points and when I review their reading I am then able to reward them points to be used on a "learning game" page.  I also love the fact that I can leave a message for the students:) Each student is set up to read books on their level and also take a Comprehension Quiz for each book they read.  I get a print out of the scores that allows me to monitor and teach to their needs. 

     It is so easy to use.  There is a Teacher's Page that will walk you through everything with video tutorials.  Watch this quick video on how to set up your student's On Your Own section and the benefits to you as a teacher!

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  1. Wow! That sounds like a really cool website! Thanks for sharing!

    ~Heidi V.


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