Mrs. Schroeder's Class Brags it up!

Friends...I am so excited to share something really worth bragging about!  We are totally into BRAG TAGS from Image Stuff!  Stacey Stapleton was so kind in helping me create a special tag that was just for my class.  I loved seeing my kiddo's faces when I passed them out!  Our classroom theme this year is PEACE, LOVE & 2nd GRADE!
Now part of my beliefs on behavior management is not rewarding good behavior.  I reward EXTRAORDINARY behavior.  Like helping a friend in need.  Being kind to a new student or cleaning up a mess that was not theirs.  These tags are perfect for just that!  You can also hear more about my classroom and behavior MGT techniques at the next Virtual Teaching EXPO on November 12th!

Our Brag Tag KIT! 
Click the image to check out the Teacher Packs!

We recently did an activity on bulling to go along with our school wide Anti Bulling policy and of course my Image Stuff pack had a great Brag Tag for this.  We crumpled a piece of paper up and basically BULLIED it.  Then I asked the class to make the paper like new.  We found that you could not get the paper back to how it was originally.  This was a great visual for how bulling is something that we can never totally heal from.  We can only learn from it and use its "scars" as a reminder of how we want to be treated. I passed out the Brag Tags and then interviewed my class about them:) Check out some of our videos below. 

We also have been reading a book called The Monster's Ring by Bruce Coville  it is a great read aloud for 2 graders and up.  It is perfect for Halloween time so keep it in your thoughts for next October.  It is a about a boy who gets bullied and turns into a monster.  Click on the picture below to get a copy of The Monster's Ring. 

Hear from some EXPERT Brag Tag users!

If you have been looking for a way to positively reward EXTRAORDINARY behavior in your classroom Brag Tags are it!  I love that they are a constant reminder every day of great successes in our classroom!  Thanks Stacey:)


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