Primary Thinking Skills with The Schroeder Page

Friends~Do you want to get your kiddos thinking? This week in room 331, we were THINKING with the P.E.T.S program from Pieces of Learning.  I am just getting to know this program but I am loving what I see!  My kiddos are totally getting the fact that we all think differently.  We LOVE Dudley the Detective and his no nonsense approach to thinking.  
He gathers facts and doesn't jump to conclusions.  
We even made a song about him.  
Check out their cute badges. 

We loved meeting Isabel the Inventor.  
(She is totally my kind of thinker:) 
Check out our BRAINFOCALS!  
We made these so that we could practice looking at problems differently. 
Primary Thinking Skills with The Schroeder Page
You can download a sample lesson here!
Speaking of problems.  I totally threw my kiddos a curve ball during our problem solving in math.
  I gave them ALL the answers!  
You should have seen their faces:)
I told them I wanted them to prove how those answers were correct.  
Check out this little guy proving with pictures and words!
Primary Thinking Skills with The Schroeder Page

My kiddos even met our newest pet!  Stella the Hedgehog.  She is the sweetest thing!  After meeting her they begged to hear Henry's book again.  I can't tell you how cool it is to hear them chant Spike, Spine, Poke!
We also went on an amazing field trip to Frank Liske park.  It is a local metro park in our area.  The instructors taught a lesson for each of our CCSS science goals.  
Check out force and motion below!

I did crack up a bit when one of my students told me that when we walked on the trails in the park it was like walking in Crystal Pond Woods like Dudley! 

I also ran across this ebook that I am looking into.  
I love that is focuses on classroom management and how that is the key to managing successful learners!


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