North Carolina Teachers WANT the Best for their Students!

North Carolina Teachers WANT the Best for their Students!
Friends~ North Carolina Teachers!!!!  We need you to take back your voices.  Support your students, your schools, your districts, and yourselves!  Speak up and let you parents and community know what is happening to education in our wonderful state! 
Watch as some extremely strong educators stand up and take back their voices.  
Watch them be honest about their passion and fears of losing it.  
Click below!

We are losing teachers!
Please read the following link for more information:

We are taking back our voice!  

Please join us on Saturday, November 23rd from 
10:00 AM-4:00 PM.
We will be spreading the word about this new legislation and how it is hurting our schools! 
Please feel free to show up at the following locations:

Target at Afton Village

Concord Mills Lake Area

Kmart-Highway 29

Walmart- Highway 29

Walmart Exit 60 North Light Shopping Center

Please know that ALL are welcome!
Teachers, parents, students- come, make signs, wear red and support our public education in North Carolina.


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