Hedgehogs: Pets in the Classroom

Pets in the Classroom
Friends~ I have been waiting forever to write this post.  2 years ago my 2nd graders and I completed an author study on the ever famous Jan Brett.  We found out during our study that Jan has a pet hedgehog.  I knew I had to find out more information about hedgehogs when I saw the sweet faces of those prickly guys. 
  Check out Jan's hedgehog, Astro.
So, I hunted down lots of good information for my kiddos about hedgehogs and during my hunt I found a young lady that was breeding hedgehogs in our area. 
 I convinced her to bring them to school.  
At that point,  I was so smitten with the idea of a hedgehog, I could think of nothing else! 
Read more about our visit HERE
Pets in the Classroom, Hedgehogs Visit, The Schroeder Page
Now, that is where my story begins but does not end.  For the next 2 years, my little friend Jenna (Jenna was in my class the year the hedgehog came.)  who is now in 4th grade told me almost every time I saw her that she was saving for a hedgehog. 
I am so happy to report that she did it!  2 years after meeting her first hedgehog in room 331 she adopted Dorothy. 
Named after our Wizard of Oz unit at the end of the year. 
Pets in the Classroom, Hedgehogs Visit, The Schroeder Page
I know you think the story is over but...I woke to the most amazing Facebook post the next day.   Dorothy, on her first night home, had 2 babies!!!! Jenna's family went from 1 hog to 3 in less than 
 12 hours.  (I am pretty sure they may have been hollering my name a bit.  I was the one who started the whole thing.)
Pets in the Classroom, Hedgehogs Visit, The Schroeder Page
After lots of joking on Facebook about how I needed to adopt a baby,  I piled my kiddos into the van and drove to visit the new family.  This is Ian holding TOTO and our Neighbor Holding TOTO.
Watch the video of Lily enjoying Toto too!  
Henry, Toto's brother was a bit grumpy and kept hiding from us. 
I couldn't help loving Henry because he would totally spike his brow up at us if we tried to pick him up.  
And still the story continues.  We left in love with those little guys and I secretly new that Henry needed us and room 331 to help him come out of his quills.  
So, of course as soon as Jenna called and asked if we wanted to adopt a hedgehog we said YES!
It was bitter sweet for Jenna and Dorothy when adoption day came.
But-GOOD NEWS my neighbor above adopted TOTO!
Now the brothers live down the street from each other and Dorothy and Jenna can come visit anytime!

Pets in the Classroom, Hedgehogs Visit, The Schroeder Page
Here he is hanging out at home with his new family! 

He has been a BIG hit in the classroom too!  He comes to visit on Fridays.  My kiddos love reading to him and I love that they have to be super quite so they don't scare Henry. 
I am amazed at how attentive they are to him.  They are very respectful of his needs.  I was also thrilled when some of my most reluctant readers came and asked to read to Henry. 
I really believe he has a bright future in 2nd grade!

Check out this sweet book I put together for my kiddos.  They love the repetition and also that Henry inspired it!
Included in the file is a video recording too!

Take it a step more with an All About Hedgehogs! 
A Big Thank You goes out to Dorothy and The Hardister Family for raising such healthy and adorable hedgehogs.  



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  2. I love Jan Brett's books and I have a new found love for hedgehogs as well. Your story about how you acquired Elvis is touching. Who new! Have a wonderful year with your new class pet.

    Lori Ross
    Mrs. Ross's Science Class

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