Back to School: I Survived!

Back to School: I Survived!
Friends~I survived Back to School!  The first week went very well with each day building on the next.  I am so super proud of my new 2nd graders.  As of Friday, we had centers up and running, jobs were being done, and they were running our Smart-board Calendar.  Check them out working in centers below!

Math Center: Building a Hundreds Board, photo of

Independent reading in our reading nook, photo for The Schroeder Page, Back to School

These kiddos rocked both our Daily 5 and our math BUILD centers.  I have to tell you, I loved having my own kiddos for math this year.  In the past, we have switched classes based on ability and it was a real challenge for me.  I love knowing my students as a whole and this year I get that back!

These are two of my friends working on buddy reading together plus more shots of my friends working in centers. 

I will be honest, I was in bed most nights by 9:00 PM maybe earlier but it was worth it.  My kiddos are trained and ready to be independent learners.  If you want to read more about how I get my classroom up and running so quickly read my post on COURAGE

I am off today to the Apple Festival in Hendersonville, NC.  Have a great weekend!


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  1. Glad to see/ read that your year is off and running smoothly. Nothing like a strong start to the school tern to build confidence for the balance of the year. Enjoy!


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