Fall Book Study: Stellaluna & Freebie

Fall Book Study: Stellaluna & Freebie
Friends~It is time to bust into those fall books and begin planning a book study.  One of my favorites is the book Stellaluna by Janell Cannon
Fall Book Study:Stellaluna & Freeebie, The Schroeder Page
It is such a sweet story about a young bat that learns how to love her differences. 

Enjoy this book with your class by watching this great video from Storyline Online!
We have been really talking about thinking while we are reading so I am excited to have my students complete this Think About It prompt below.  
Give it a click to download a free copy for your class. 
What fall book study will you be doing in class?



  1. I wanted to let you know that your link is not working for your paper.

  2. So sad..the link isn't working! Can you e-mail it to me? vgmrs.hotton@gmail.com- looks like an amazing unit! Thanks for sharing!


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