2nd Grade Math Investigations & Data Binders!

2nd Grade Math Investigations and Data Binders!
 Friends~I am happy to report that I made it through the VERY LONG testing process that was my life since the start of school and last Wednesday was my first real day of teaching.  Meaning: I finally was able to begin to train my class and start my favorite thing to do...teach.  
(No test or deadlines hanging over my head for now.)

I am also happy to report, that we are finally off to a great start!  I am just getting into our new math program Investigations.  I think it is going to take me some time to love it but we are building a relationship:) I do really like the hands on and open ended lessons provided.  Check out my kiddos working on a Making 10 Investigation.  The were asked to take a group of 10 items and create groups to make 10.  They then developed a number sentence to prove their 10.  
2nd Grade Math Investigations, math, The Schroeder Page2nd Grade Math Investigations, the schroeder page

2nd Grade Math Investigations, the schroeder page2nd Grade Math Investigations, the schroederpage

Check out the family section in the Investigations Link above for some great online games like:
I have been using them in my math centers!

We also started working on data collection in our Data Binders.  My good friend Hilary Lewis from Rocking Teacher Materials got me started on these and they are fantastic. Click above to check her's out...totally free!  My kiddos and parents love seeing their progress and it is a wonderful way for students to become responsible for their own learning.  

Data Binders, the schroeder page
We start by learning to graph our Whiz Quiz results.
 (Spelling Test)  
Then we move into our reading levels and behavior.  
Math POP Quizzes come next.  
Download a FREE sample copy of my Data Binders by clicking below.  



  1. OMG we are using Investigations this year for the first time and I HATE it! My strong math students are looking at me every day saying "are you kidding me?? Adding 1 or 2, making 10?" I'm really struggling with what to do for them while trying to get a handle on finding the depth we were promised with this. I'd love to see anything you have to post about it, I'm looking for ideas!

    1. also--it looks like you made mini books out of the student activity books. Did they tear out a section at a time?


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