Friends~My Singing is Learning is OUT!

Friends~My Singing is Learning is OUT! I am so much more brave as I grow older!  I am a huge believer in singing and chanting in the classroom.  It is a huge part of my management style.  We have a song and a chant for just about everything and if I don't for some very bizarre reason I can bust one out at the drop of a pencil:)  The really funny thing is my son can do it too!  I think it is hereditary.

I have gotten tons of emails over the years for copies of my songs and chants that I have been toying for years with the idea of making some kind of song product or CD.  My Hubby thinks it is NUTS because I can't carry a tune.   I love when he tells me that because I just chuckle inside-that's all I do all day long is sing learning tunes with my class!

This year in class I have really been focusing on encouraging my students to PROVE their thoughts.  The Common Core State Standards focuses so much on having students dig deeper into topics that they must show proof of their learning through their answers.  My kiddos love my newest song below.  Watch the video  and see just how excited they are to PROVE IT!

Here is the really exciting news!  I finally have done it!  I am apologizing right for those of you that may hear me singing and think that I should not but just put your earmuffs on and let you kiddos rock it!

Click the image below to read more about this file!

Friends~My Singing is Learning is OUT!, photo

This is my newest creation.  The best part is you not only get the words to my songs/chants in a cute poster you also get a link to hear the song being sang by my kiddos or ME!

Be on the Floor is a simple chant that I use as my students are heading up front for a large group lesson!  Click the song to download your FREE copy!

Singing is Learning, Free Be on the Floor Rap, photo

At the end of the file you will see this page!  Each CD is linked to the song being sang!   

So AWESOME right???
Singing is Learning Links photo

Well I can top that...I have just released a CD of all of the songs from Singing is Learning!
Grab a copy today by clicking the CD below!

Singing is Learning CD Link photo

Don't let the idea of not being able to carry a tune stop you from bringing musical learning to your classroom!  You will be amazed at how engaged you kiddos will be and I promise the first time you hear them humming a tune during a test to remember a concept you will wear a smile all day long!  



  1. I like to to sing in the classroom too! It helps the students remember things! I love singing Heidi's Songs.

    Smiling and Shining in Second Grade

  2. I love singing in the classroom! It really grabs their attention. I usually just make a song up right on the spot but I will definitely check out your songs!

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  4. Great ideas! On your TpT description-you might want to edit and exchange complication for compilation. I love your ideas on transition.

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