What Lights You Up? & a Freebie!

Friends~Tonight is a short post but I had to tell you about how we ended our day today.  The Christmas Crazies have taken over and I feel like I have put out a ton of fires.  The kiddos are excited and the staff is excited so the whole darn school is a buzz right now.  Very hard to stay focused and follow the rules right?  Well today I needed to take is down a notch and really focus on my very favorite Christmas Story.  It is all about believing!  The story is Welcome Comfort by Patricia Polacco.  She is an amazing children's author and I can never get enough of her stories.  Well this particular one starts off with the story of Comfort who is being teased at his school and a custodian who takes him under his wing.  The boy becomes a part of the the custodian's family and his friend.  The boy doesn't believe in Santa or in much else.  Patricia brings such magic into this tale and wait until you see the page with the holly pin!  I won't ruin the surprise ending.  Just know that you will finally find out how Santa becomes Santa and how a boy is saved by believing.

Click the image below to read more about the book and you will also find a link to purchase.  

Well,  if you have been reading The Schroeder Page long enough you won't be shocked to know that I can NEVER stop with just reading the book.  Especially one like this.  We talk as a class about what brings light into the boy's life and what lights up our lives.  We then create these adorable Christmas light bulbs.  It is so much fun and so sweet to see what lights them up.   We add a bit of glitter for sparkle.   I twist black bulletin board paper to make the cord and we deck the halls with these babies!

It was so funny to see that a couple of my kiddos actually put the food in the cafeteria!  I think they may have just been a bit hungry:)

The fun does not end there!  We also write thank you letters to our custodians.  It always amazes my kiddos when we make a list of everything that our custodians do for us.  
Click below to download your own FREE copy.  

Please leave a comment if you download this product.  I would love to hear your thoughts on this post and how you plan to use the file:) 

You can find more learning fun for this book in my Welcome Comfort Book Study.  Just give the image a click below. 



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