Once Upon a Snow Globe & a Freebie!

Friends~We are sooo in the holiday spirit in 2nd grade that it is even carrying over into our recess time.  With one toot of a whistle this Whistle Music Video was made!  The kiddos and their parents loved it.
Speaking of fun!  I just busted out my collection of snow globes for story starters in the Writing Center!  My kiddos love them and their stories are so adorable.  I have been collecting snow globes from the Dollar Store for about a year now.  They are a perfect way to tone down the Christmas Crazies that seem to be happening super early this year.
Here is just some of my collection.  I keep some hidden away for inferring practice in class.  We just started inferring with snow globes and check out what I found at the CVS!  Under 6 bucks too!  It is the same globe but I can change the picture inside!  2 pictures at once.

We also had to share the fun with our Blog Buddies in Indiana.  We took one of our globes and made inferences on index cards.  I took the globe and the cards to UPS and shipped them to our friends.
We got to SKYPE with them on Friday and they told us all about their inferences.  So cool!
Here is my Once Upon a Snow Globe file that I use with my kiddos.  It is filled with writing and inferring.
 Click the inferring cards to download a FREE copy for your classroom!

You can also check out a preview video of the file below!



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