A Seat with a View...My Chat Chair!

I love staring out into a crowd of 2nd graders from My Chat Chair...especially when they are sitting criss-cross, eyes up front, and hands in their laps.  The Learning Position as I call it.   I can't take full credit for this wonderful chair because my very BEST teaching buddy Mrs. Wood and I made these chairs together the year we moved from first to 2nd grade.  Next to my smartboard,  my Chat Chair is my
 go to teaching tool!

My chair sits in our meeting place up front.  It has taken quite a beating!  It made it through a move to a new school, a pregnancy, a move to a new state, and 4 years in 2nd grade.  In fact, I almost lost it last year. The screws started falling out and it was super wiggly.  I sadly decided that I needed  to replace it and placed it outside the door of my classroom for our custodians to get rid of.  I thought about it all night...I am very sentimental and that chair had a ton of memories.  As I went in to school the next day,  I knew things would never be the same.  To my surprise...my Chat Chair was sitting up front as good as new!  My wonderful Fairy God Custodian had rescued my chair and replaced all of the old screws.  Good as new and still in it's rightful place in the front of my classroom.  Right next to my smartboard.  

Gosh...that got sappy quick.  Does anyone else have a special artifact of their teaching in their classroom?  Please comment and share.  I can't be the only one...right?

Download a Free Copy of my Body Check that I use at my Chat Chair!



  1. I totally use, "check your body" as a phrase in my classroom! Thanks for sharing!

  2. so sweet :) glad it was magically fixed!

  3. I saw my Fairy God Custodian today and told him that I blogged about him last night and he looked nervous!

  4. Hi! I have been going blog crazy the last several weeks. I found yours and last night in google reader was scrolling through and found your idea about zipties! BRILLIANT!!! I can't wait to try them out in my room! I am sooooo very tired of shifting the desks back where they belong! Masking tape on the floor is a PAIN, and doesn't want to come off the carpet! Please check out my blog. I may make about the idea down the road; I'll be sure to give you credit! Thanks, Nancy
    The Apple Basket Teacher


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