Question of the Day!


So...softball has taken over my life!  My daughter plays traveling softball and just won her first tournament~she even hit a homerun!  That is my excuse for not posting for so long:)  I thought today I would share with you my Question of the Day board.  This is a morning responsibility that helps with the end of the day pack up.

First, I bought a small chalk board from a craft store and puff painted it up!  Each child has a "clip" -clothes pin with their number on it.  I start at the beginning of the year writing  basic yes or know questions that relate to what is going on in my classroom.  I sometimes make mistakes so that we can edit them later,  As they come in they answer the question by clipping their clip on the board for yes, no, or not sure.  At the end of the day...we read the question and I call the clips off.  The students then begin their packing up procedures.  I love this because it allows me to control how many students are packing up at once.  It keeps everyting running nice and smooth.

As the year progresses my attendance person takes over writing the question.  (Be sure to talk with the class about not writing questions that will hurt someone's feelings.  Like Do you like Mrs. Schroeder?)  It is also fun to edit the questions that the student's have written too.  The student who wrote the question gets to take it home.  For some reason that is a BIG honor. 

Sure hope this helps someone struggling with that end of the day PACK UP Drama!
Happy Almost Spring Break for ME!


  1. LOOOOVE this idea!!! Can't wait to get a chalkboard and "craft it up"! hahah!


  2. Sooo glad to hear I am not the only mom running her girl(s) ( I have three playing) to softball here, there, and everywhere! The craziness has begun! Cute idea - I may just have to steal it!


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