Wreath of Many Seasons

Just a quick decorating tip...I spend so much time teaching my 2nd grade friends and planning engaging units for them I always feel behind in the decor department.  I did come up with an easy way to change your decor seasonally in an instant.  I grabbed a grapevine wreath from Hobby Lobby.  I used a coupon and I think it was just a few dollars.  In this photo, you will see our samples from our art center in December.  I did a how to cut a snowflake and my sweet friends did the rest.  We also have cut hearts for February, I use plastic pin wheels from the dollar store for March, and mini eggs for April.  It is simple and easy!!  OOOH I forgot...crayons for back to school. 
Start collecting now for your Wreath of Many Seasons!

Mrs. Schroeder

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