Math Center REDO!

I really want to do Math Workshop in my classroom but our schedule doesn't allow it.  I have now reworked my math center so that my math I mean math class.  We are switching for math classes in 2nd grade based on skill  level.  Some good things are happening but we still have a lot of issues to work out.  One being having a whole new group of kiddos in my room and managing centers.  Today was the first day of Math Centers and I think they went well.  The students were super excited to check out the centers.  The only issue was clean up.

I am running 4 centers right now.  Math Games, Timed Tests, Math Computation with Slates, and Flash Cards.

Check out the slates on the top shelf.  I got this idea from my friends in Kindergarten.  They drilled a hole in each slate, added a metal ring & sock.  Markers are stored in the sock "eraser."  Perfect!


  1. Well What kid of a thing would you like to give away and for how long. I am more than willing to help you. Also I have been trying to start math centers but my time for math doesn't allow. We also do not deploy our students for math so do you have any other ideas. We are also on a very fast pacing guide...but aren't we all.

  2. Hi Monica,
    Just visited your blog and website. I teach in Michigan but am related to lots of Schroeders from NW Ohio. I'm off to drill a hole in my white boards. Thanks for sharing your ideas!
    Funky First Grade Fun

  3. Hello!! I wanted to know where did you get those "square shelves" to organize the different centers... Thank you!
    By the way, great ideas!! Love your page


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