Number Bond FUN!

Friends~I LOVE number bonds! This year, we are using Math in Focus which is a math program centered around Singapore Math.  I am still working my way through the program but I am thrilled with the results so far. 

My students have spent the week working with numbers to 10 and creating 2 and 3 part number bonds.  It has been so exciting to see them decompose numbers.  

Number bonds are simple.  The are made up of parts and wholes.  (Think fact family!)  The parts are the numbers added and the whole is the sum.  Math in Focus uses basic unifix cubes to represent number bonds in trains.  I also use base ten cubes and paper plates for my students to explore. 

Notice that the paper plates are different colors.  I have them use the green to represent the parts and the pink to represent the wholes.

This app is awesome for number bonds and for challenging those higher level students!  We will be using it next week in centers! 
We played the best game with number bonds last week.  All you need are some paper plates, 2 different colored markers, and some unifix cubes.  

Directions: Create number bonds by writing the parts on individual plates in one color and the whole on the other.  

*Place plates number side down
* Students then go off and choose a plate.  
*They must find their other part and then their whole.
*Students head to the unifix cubes to represent their bond. 
(When they were done, I had them come to me for a check. If they were correct, I took the plates and put them back out.  The students broke apart their bond and moved on to the next one.)

Example: 3,7,10 would be 3 red cubes, 7 blue cubes in a unifix tower/train that equals 10.
 I am also soooo obsessed with this number bond scale! It totally helped my students see how the numbers work together!  Click the picture to check it out on Amazon!

We are finishing up our number bonds next week and heading into the BIG world of addition.  I am super excited to see how these number bond help my students with more traditional algorithms! 

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