Halloween: Where's My Mummy

Friends~I just love Halloween and Fall is my favorite season!  Where's My Mummy by Carolyn Crimi is one of my all time, most loved books for the season!  It is filled with vivid illustrations and fun alliteration!  I love the pictures of the Baby Mummy and Bones cracks me up.  

It is the one book that is NEVER in my library because it is usually in a student's reading bag.  I usually read it in class as a read aloud but this year, I decided to take it to a much more exciting level.  

I am planning to start with this online reading by Jennifer Fourcade on Youtube!  I love how she changes her voice with the characters. 

I will also be reading the book in class with the students.  You can grab a copy of the book by clicking below. 

When we read, my students will be listening for alliteration.  I am going to pass out these fun mummies and when they hear an example of alliteration the will be able to hold up their mummy!

We are also going to make this super simple mummy craft.  I plan to supply the class with paper plates and ask them to color in their faces.  I will then give them a supply of white strips of paper to paste over their face to create a mummy.  The students will then hide their mummy and write directions to where it is located in our classroom.  
I have so much more planned like my Where's My Mummy Vowel game! I'l be sure to post a video when we play so that you can check it out.  

If you are interested in any of the activities above or you want to check out my literature unit for Where's My Mummy, you can click the image below.  I am off to get printing!  I have a ton of mummies cards to make:)

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