Friends~I am thrilled to announce my winner for the Sparkly Give away!  Her name is Marcia and she will be Sparkling away at the baseball field in her new necklace! (Marcia...please email me at

You can check out more about the Baseball Collection Where Athlete Meets Style by clicking the link below. 

Here is my WINNER!
Be sure to check out the Ellis Jeweler's other beautiful collections!  
Here are a few of my favorites! 
I am heading in to create my wish list for the Mr. Schroeder!

Loving this ring by Elle!
Thinking this might be my new jewel insert for my Karisma Ring!
This collection if one of my very favorites! 
Last one for now...
 So fun and funky...perfect for a teacher! 
 The kiddos will love checking this baby out! 
Always important to keep their eyes on YOU:)

Have a great Monday and congratulations to Marcia! 

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