Book Mark and Timer ALL in One!

Friends~I had the best day yesterday with my good friend Mr. Chris and my kiddos Lily & Ian.  Sad though...I didn't take any pictures for you all!  Be let me tell you-we went downtown Charlotte and had lunch at Moe's, we went to a little farmer's market, Lily and Ian got some balloon animals, then some frozen yogurt!  We were on our way out to the van and Mr. Chris suggested we stop into this cute little shop called Bliss.  Now I never pass up shopping even with two kiddos!
This shop is filled with beautiful and sweet gifts for every occasion!
I loved wondering through the store and reading the fun signs and sniffing the candles.  Lily and Ian were thrilled there was a kids section.
Shopping with kiddos can pay off!  LOOK! I found the coolest thingy for my Lily Kay!
 It is called a Mark My Time-the digital book mark!  She is going to love reading with it because it has a fun flip reading light.  I love it because it has a timer and I can set a minimum time for her to read.  Or she can just time herself to see how long she can read.  I think they are going to be great for fluency too!  Watch my quick and I mean Quick video all about it!

I also am thrilled to announce that I just posted 2 new products to my TPT store.  I have been working this summer to get my favorite Novel Studies put into units for my Guided Reading Groups next year.  Check them out below.  Each has a downloadable preview for you to snatch up and get started with!

Have a Great WEEKEND!  
The Schroeder Family is headed to see Brave at the movies and then to the pool! 

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