Beyond Flipping Cards!

Friends~I have loved seeing all of the classroom management and behavior managements post this week.  I am a bit late getting mine up because this is my last week with my 2nd graders and I have been super busy making the end of the year special for them:)

2 years ago I had one of my most challenging classes.  The mix was wild!  My class was quite a unique bunch with several gifted students, special needs, behavioral issues, and everything else that goes along with teaching.  I spent many afternoons and evenings trying to find a way to manage this class so that I still could teach the way I knew was right.  Sure I could have pushed some worksheets and put the class on a behavior plan but I knew that was not right.   Then I walked into the Teacher's Lounge.  There was a sign and it read~Courage is Doing What's Right When Others are Doing Wrong.  I knew that this is what I needed to bring my class to understand.  To take control and responsibility for their actions.  At that moment,  I started compiling ideas to try with my crew.  Slowly but surely things started to change.  I know I did not get to every thing I normally do in a school year with this particular class but I knew that I had taught them something much more important.  To Lean Like a Champion!  To be in control of their minds, bodies, and choices. 

I have continued with this behavioral training every since. One of the things that I use early on is my OOPS Book.  It is a simple way to document behavior and keep students accountable for their actions.  I use it as a training tool and usually by January it is hanging on my apron as a reminder.

I am adding a link to my 23 page Pre Made OOPS Book packet that you can take a look at by clicking the image below.  You will get everything you need to create your own OOPS Book and more.  Be sure to check it out!

It is pretty simple to make your own too.  I take a set of 24 index cards and number them with sticker numbers.  I place a hole in each card.  Laminate a from and back cover and add a book ring.  I also post my OOPS Book consequences on the inside cover.  My consequences are as follows:
~If I hand you a stop sign it is your warning.
~If I have to talk with you again you will meet with me and sign the OOPS Book on your numbered card.  I write a brief note telling what the behavior issue and the date.
~If I have to talk to you again, you highlight your name and fill out a behavioral reflection sheet to be taken home and signed by a parent.
~Anything after that is an office referral or the child makes a phone call home.

Download a FREE Behavioral Reflection sheet below!  

If you are interested in learning more about how I create a classroom of independent learners you are in LUCK!
You can now purchase portions of past Teaching Blog Expos!  I presented on my classroom behavior and management style in the Teaching Tips Blog Expo a few months ago.  You can now purchase portions of the expo that you are most interested in.  Check it out below!

In this portion of the Teaching Tips Blog Expo you have the opportunity to see my students putting our classroom Learn Like a Champion sign to use. 
Be sure to  preview my Beyond Flipping Cards Ebook. 

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This file is a 46 page download that walks you through my behavior management philosophy. Included you will find a description of my OOPS Book and a behavior reflection sheet. I have included a copy of my stop signs to use as warnings. You will get a copy of my reward coupons, my job icons, and a portable stop sign. I discuss my Learn Like a Champion poster and you will receive a download of my poster and a Teach like a Champion Poster. You will also download 5 of my classroom songs and chants that I use daily.
Be sure to download my preview you file so that you can see what this ebook is all about.

Check out this video of my kiddos demonstrating our Learn Like a Champion Poster!



  1. Looks like a great system. I love this behavior reflection sheet. Thanks so much for sharing.

    Fun in Room 4B

  2. Sounds like a great idea. I agree - you teach children a lot when you teach them to be responsible for their choices. I love your Learn Like a Champion slogan. It's a very strong message! Renee

  3. I'm your newest follower and brand new blogger! Come check out my blog!

    Teaching Maddeness

  4. Great post! I've been using a clip chart this year and I have to say that I'm finding it to be highly ineffective! The same kids are always on "blue" and the same kids are always on "red." It hasn't been helpful in actually teaching better behavior and choices. I love the idea of the cards on a ring. Last year, we did a binder approach where students had to sign a behavior binder when there was a problem, but the individual cards would be much more helpful as documentation and much easier to keep handy. At the end of the week you could even do some kind of fun Friday thing where students with blank cards enjoy some special privileges. I'm adding your blog to my blog roll!

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