Be the Queen of Queens!

Friends~You know you did it as a child!  Picked those pretty white flowers from the fields behind your house!  Queen Anne's Lace! This wild flower is native to Europe and plentiful in the south!  Especially, around me!  (I am sure you can find it all has just been staring me in the face all summer long:)

I just had to do it!  Lily, Ian, and our friends Marley and Mason took a rode trip last week and visited Dan Nicholas' Park.  That is a whole other story.  Check out the monkeys below!

On our way home, I forced my friend Donna to get out of the car on the side of a country road and grab us a bundle of QAL!  

We took them home and added food coloring to the water. 
 Sad that I only had orange and green but we went with it.  

 We let them sit for a few hours and we got some pretty flowers!

My kiddos were amazed and they are still checking on the flowers to see how they have changed!  I love Summer SCIENCE!



  1. How fun! Your kids faces are adorable!

  2. We had a few Queen Anne's lace plants next to my house when I was little! They always remind me of being a kid. :)

    Marvelous Multiagers!


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