A Dr. Seuss Bulletin Board & Freebie

So I could not stop!  We decided to decorate our bulletin boards in 2nd grade to reflect the Dr. Seuss books that we are reading in class.  (Don't you LOVE it when you work with an AMAZING team?)  I could not wait to get home to share my Lorax board with you all.  I spent the weekend pondering how I could recreate the Lorax on a bulletin and make it interactive.  Each of our boards in 2nd grade will also contain a Thinking Map.  My teamie and I chose a double bubble.  Good thing she is a great sport and puts up with my shenanigans!  Check out the photos below!

We read The Lorax today and then did a character comparison between The Once-ler and The Lorax. 
 My class did an amazing job coming up with similarities between the two.  We also talked about how we would save the Truffula Trees if we were given the last seed.  I broke the students into groups-some worked on the bubble map and others created strips of paper about how to save the trees.  We then met in the hall and filled them out!

The best part is for tomorrow.  On my way home from school I grabbed some potting soil and I also have ordered clover seeds for St. Patrick's Day.  I decided to tell my class tomorrow that they are the last Truffula Seeds and have them each plant some.  We are going to record their growth on the sheet below.  Grab your FREE copy by clicking the image!
I can't wait to see their reactions when they watch the seeds grow into clovers. 
Heck we had to plant them for our clover garden anyway! 



  1. Love that double bubble map!!!! SO COOL and COLORFUL!
    A Teeny Tiny Teacher

  2. Love the board! Soooo cute and very creative!!!!


  3. So cute! I had a late night of planning yesterday. I meant to get back with you! I'd love to team up for a project. I will email you.

    PS... I just pinned your pictures. The Lorax is my school book of the month.



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