Our Hedgehog visit and another science FREEBIE!

Today in 2nd grade was a first for me:)  We spent much of January learning about the author Jan Brett.  We read her books, visited her website, got to know her hedgehogs, and even added borders to our writing in Writer's Workshop just like her.  Then February hit and we were into groundhogs.  During my planning for my groundhog unit I found that hedgehogs and groundhogs are very similar so I decided to extend the hedgehog idea into our life cycle science unit.  I was so happy to find the sweetest website called Prickles N Quills.  Miss Emily there was so very helpful and today she came to room 331 with 2 of her prickly gals.  You can learn more about Prickles and Quills by clicking the picture below.  She also has lots of great information about Hedgehogs. 

Here is Miss Emily holding Ansley one of the sweeties she brought along.     
This is a great book to snatch up and learn about Hedgehogs.  We looked at the life cycle page during our science lesson.     
On top of all of this fun I had also planned a Weather Experiment today! (What was I thinking?)  I found this image on Pinterest a few days ago and pinned it. 
I will let you know it was a huge it!  We actually made our shaving cream clouds rain!  It was a fantastic way to show how precipitation is formed.  Below is the response sheet my budding scientists used during their observation.

Click the image above to download a free copy for your class.  The only items needed are clear plastic cups, foam shaving cream, and Blue food coloring.  Be sure to become a follower of my blog and also my TPT store so that you will get updates on all of my freebies!


  1. I love Jan Brett!
    Looks like you guys had a great day:)
    (PS... thanks again for your help with learning time... it is working great!)

    Miss S
    Just Teaching...Kindergarten

  2. Cute!! I love the hedgehog.
    Check out my custom packet giveaway!
    - Lisa
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