A Day at the Seuss Salon!

So I could not help myself!  Once I got going on The Great Sneetch Sheets I got Dr. Seuss FEVER!  I spent my Saturday morning putting together a packet for our Character Dress up day March 2nd!  As I said in my last post,  I am dressing as a TEACH.  I plan on dressing in one color, adding a feather boa, and a star with the word TEACH on my belly.  (From the book The Sneetches by Dr. Seuss!)  As least I have my outfit picked our for Thursday and Friday of next week!  Click below to grab a copy of this packet full of dress up fun!

My favorite part is the Seuss Salon!  I plan on making some Seuss head bands with my class.  I am going to supply them with lots of pipe cleaners and beads, feathers,& whatever else I can get my hands on so they can JAZZ their hair up!  Then I am going to take their pictures and have them create my Seuss Salon response sheet!
Keep in mind I did the writing on my lap top with a smartboard pen.  I promise I have better hand writing than that:)  Can't wait for next week!



  1. How adorable!! Love the idea :) Thanks for sharing...

  2. Love it- What a fun week you will have
    ✿Tiffani Time 4 Kindergarten

  3. Monica this is fabulously creative--I love it!!!

  4. Monica, You are the winner of the now!Board. You are so tech savvy. Glad to see someone that won the product and will REALLY use it! Congrats! Send over your contact information to my email so that I can forward to Learning Resources.


  5. Monica, the actual list is pretty set in stone. Plus, I didn't create it, so I am pretty sure my hands are tied on adding you to the list! As I mentioned in the post though, feel free to post your TpT store link in my comments section! Hopefully lots of people will check it out since I explicitly talk about it in my post. Fingers crossed! Hope your sale goes well! :)



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