Common Core...GALORE!

As a classroom teacher I feel like every year I am being asked to redo and try tons of new ideas passed down from the leaders above.  While I know they have good intentions, I always feel like we don't give things a chance before we change them.  We often start new things while keeping old things in place.  I often feel like I am juggling tons of "balls" in the air and more just keep getting added.

Yesterday, I sat with my team and I started listing all of the district programs that we have going on.  All of the things that we are responsible for keeping going through out the school year and I was floored.  Some of the new gals on the team were saying, "what is that?"  Meaning the program had been going on before they got there and they were never introduced to it.  It is almost impossible to remember all that we are required to remember and also teach. 

At least with The Common Core I feel like this new wave is leading us in the right direction in education.  Looking at skills as year long learning makes great sense to me.    
Now a few years ago we were required to post our goals and learning objectives in our classrooms and I spent tons of time, paper, ink, and laminating creating my goals so that I could place them on my front board for all to see.  I made it a job in my classroom too.  I read the objective and my Learning Objective person reads the child friendly version listed below it.  
Well, now that we have moved to the common core I have had to throw away all of my objectives and redo them.  Lots of typing, printing, paper, cutting, and laminating in my future.  

The light at the end of my tunnel was when I came across Lilly's House on Etsy.  If you read my previous post you already know that I love chalkboards.  So when I saw these cute chalkboard labels I knew just how I was going to set up my Common Core Standard Board!

 They are the cutest things!  I used colored chalk to match each standard's colored back ground.  If I have to post them~ I am most certainly going to make them cute!  Head over to Lilly's House and grab a set for yourself.
   Maybe a nice background with a border is next:)

How do you post your objectives?



  1. What a cute way to display them!

    I think you are a Versatile Blogger and so have given you that award. :)

    - Elizabeth

  2. I have awarded you the "I Heart Your Blog" award! I just love all of your wonderful activities that you post! Your blog inspired me to create my own blog!

    Check out my blog and follow me too :)

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  3. These are too cute. I jusy found your blog and your ideas are very neat. Thanks for sharing.

  4. I love the idea of posting your objectives in the classroom.

    Kaylee's Education Studio


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