First Grade Electricity and Art

Friends~I am so excited to share soooo much with you all today!  We finally moved into our new school after 100 plus days at an alternate location.  Check out the pictures below!  We moved in and set up in 2 and a half days.  A total record!!
If you have been following me along on Facebook, you may have heard that I have been moving into a rented classroom at a church on Mondays and moving back out on Fridays EvErY week!  This is the first week that our classroom has stayed in tack and when I go into school on Monday, it all will be in place!  I can't tell you the relief! (That is the major reason I have been missing from the blog world all year-please forgive me!)

This week in our beautiful room,  we started a mini unit on electricity!  We had so much fun reading and watching videos about this powerful form of energy! 

After lots of fun reading and writing about electricity we read Patricia Polacco's Thundercake! It is one of my total favorite books!  
Here is a great read by Patricia herself!

We discussed how lightning and storms produce electricity.  I had the students choose a favorite scene in the book and they drew it on a piece of construction paper.  We then added folded tissue paper over parts of the scene that might move in a storm.  

I added some thunderstorm sounds from YouTube and we were ready to make our art ELECTRIC!
We just added some man made electricity-meaning rubbing balloons against our hair and creating static electricity!

We held a school wide open house yesterday so that our families could come and see the new building. My teammate suggested that we put this Electric Art out for the students to show their parents.  It was a HUGE hit!  

Here is one of my cuties checking out the new room with her family!
If you are looking for more to go along with Thundercake, you can check out my file below.  It is filled with tons of literacy activities to enhance this book! 
Be on the look out for more fun posts from room 202!
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