Portable QR Code Listening Center

Friends~I can't wait to share my QR Code Listening Center with you!  The best part is, it is totally portable and super easy for the students to manage in the classroom.
They are simple and cheap to make.  You can update as the seasons or themes change in your classroom. 

~The first thing you will need to do is head to your local $ Store and grab some old school photo albums. (I can't believe they are old school-totally showing my age!)  The one that you just flip open and slide a photo under the clear flap.  

~I then hopped on YouTube and collected some of my favorite books read online and copied the URL. Open a QR code generator, paste your URL and BAM you have your QR Code.  

I then take a quick snip of the book cover and add the code to it.  Print them out and add them to my photo albums.  You can check them out below!         (I make the images 4x6 just like a picture.) 
 (Keep in mind that if you are not making your own recordings, the URL may change or go away all together so you may need to make a new one next year.  I don't worry about this since they are so simple and fast to make.)

~My kiddos then grab an album and a Kindle and off they go.  (Just head to your App store and download a FREE QR Code scanner.) 

Be sure to grab a FREE copy of my covers and my November Codes Below!


Happy Scanning!!!

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