The Reading Game

Friends~I am so excited to tell you all about this new guided reading game we have been using in class. I absolutely LOVE it.  The game is called The Reading Game!  Check it out below! 

It is so simple to use and my students are crazy about it.  In each set, you get sight word cards to use in a game of memory, quick read cards and books. Students work in sets of cards with 5 different sight words.  After mastering a set of cards, they move to the quick phrases.  These phrases are made from the sight words cards the students worked on.  
This is a sample of the quick read cards.  The pictures are super clear and sharp.  I really like that the sight words are bold for the students to zoom in on.  

Just look at the smiles on these kiddo's faces!  

I am most impressed with the fact that my students can then read a book based on the sight words they have mastered.  The simplicity is so refreshing for our busy classrooms! 

The students felt immediate success after working with the cards and books!  It a wonderful way to take the memorizing of sight words and make it fun!  

You can read more about this fantastic learning game by clicking below.  Check out all the video tutorials!

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