Winter Listening Snowman Activity

Friends~Today I am sharing my Winter Listening Snowman Activity.  You are going to LOVE it!  

The season is upon us!  The students are a bit preoccupied with something-SANTA and Christmas. We do our best as teachers to make the lessons fun and exciting but let's be honest,  you really spend your day just trying to keep a lid on things.  

This past Friday, I decided that I needed to have my firsties pay attention to their listening skills and see just how much they are needed to complete a lesson. 
So, I put together the 
Listening Snowman! 

The Listening Snowman: The Schroeder Page
It is such a simple concept but it packs a big punch when students see the finished products.  We all listen and interpret things in different ways.  Each one turned out unique and the students were so very engaged throughout the lesson.

 It was the PERFECT Friday activity.  

Here are the supplies you will need:
The Listening Snowman: The Schroeder Page

Yep!  You read that right.  NO SCISSORS allowed.  I have found that when you take scissors away during a craft you get a more authentic representation of what the students visualize.

We started by watching All You Need for a Snowman.  I had the students listen for what the characters used to create the snowman in the book.  
We then made a list together as a class.  
The Listening Snowman: The Schroeder Page
The class then followed my directions for creating the snowman with the provided cut pieces of paper.  
You can download the directions and links for the videos in this FREE file HERE
The Listening Snowman: The Schroeder Page

The best part was at the end, after their unique snowmen were created, I put on this Snowfall Meditation video and the students used a white crayon to for a winter scene for their Listening Snowmen. 
I just loved the way they turned out and the students were so into creating their scenes.  It was a calming way to end an exciting and involved listening activity. 
The Listening Snowman: The Schroeder Page

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