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Friends~Today I am sharing some of our Math Workshop activities.  I have been crazy busy getting my classroom moved and learning a new grade level~curriculum.  It feels good to be back at the keyboard blogging again!

This week in first grade we focused on number bonds.  We may be a bit behind the eight ball due to our delayed start.  (Construction!) 

My kiddos loved this decomposing activity.  I grabbed 2 different colored plates.  I gave partners one pink plate and 2 green plates.  They got to scoop out chips for their whole.  They counted their whole and started their number bond.  Then they separated their whole into parts and finished the bond.  I love how this activity is easily differentiated. Many groups started with small numbers and then moved to larger numbers.  
Math Workshop and More; The Schroeder Page
Check out their personal slates
 They love them!  
I also ordered this HUGE hundreds grid from Zulily.   My students loved working with the inflatable dice and frames for before and after. Some students were even counting up and back by 10! 
Math Workshop and More; The Schroeder Page
Unifix cubes are a big hit in class this year!  I added them to our math workshop centers with fact triangles.  We built the parts and then checked the whole.  
Math Workshop and More; The Schroeder Page
Check out all the math fun I have been pinning on Pinterst!  

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