Summer Science with Bubbles

Friends~I can't wait to share my Bubble Science with you!  It is perfect for some summer fun or anytime really.  I have always loved the magic behind bubbles.  Every summer, I spent way too much $ on bubble blowers at our local $ Stores.  
Here are my all time favorites!
Summer Science with Bubbles: The Schroeder Page
I also love to make my own solutions.  They are so easy and cheap!  Plus they totally make the strongest bubbles ever!
Here are my favorite recipes!
Summer Science with Bubbles: The Schroeder Page
Besides bubbles being super fun they are also a great science activity for kiddos.  
This video unlocks the secrets behind how a bubble pops.  It is soooo cool!
This book works perfectly with the video and has tons of great facts about how bubbles work.         Click the picture below to purchase.
My kiddos at school were totally crazy about bubbles the last week of school.  They even went of tour!  We visited our K-1 classrooms and my kiddos gave bubble presentations. The other classes were amazed at how much we had learned!

Here is my little guy at home experimenting with table bubbles!

We even touched on surface tension with this super easy experiment.  You just need water, a penny, and a medicine dropper!  
Summer Science with Bubbles: The Schroeder Page
Click the image above to download a FREE copy of this experiment!
There is so much fun in my newest file:  Bubble Science. If you are interested in learning more about it, you can click below. 
It has everything you need to take bubbles to the next level! 

Check out more Science Fun on my Teach It Science Pinterest Board by clicking below!

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