Reading Karate! Chop, Chop! & My Rubber Stamp WINNER!

Friends~I am so excited about Reading Karate!  Shannon Dipple over at Primary Education Oasis introduced me to this motivational program and it has been a HUGE hit in my classroom. 

My students have been soo into it.  I even have a student who studies Karate so he has been able to explain more about earning belts and such.  Talk about a connection!

 Enjoy the video above and see how I am using Reading Karate in my classroom. 

My 2nd graders loved having their faces put right on the Karate people!  We keep them in our Guided Reading area so that we can keep track of each others belts.  Just a bit of friendly competition:)

We used our Scott Foresman weekly story as one of the picture books for the white belt.  
It becomes much more challenging as the students progress through the belts.  
Including: reading folktales, poetry, & biographies.
The students response sheets have graphic organizers, text connection sheets, sequencing and tons more.  
I keep reminding my students that it has to be their best work on the response sheets to earn the belt.  
I am the judge and jury on that. 

If you have reluctant readers, I highly recommend this program!  It has worked wonders and also has jump started thinking while reading because of the response sheets.  
I think next year I may have a Karate Instructor come in and talk with the class about the belts and also about the focus that is involved in Karate.  

I also use Teachable Poetry from Primary Education Oasis.  It is wonderful for increasing fluency in students. 

Congratulations to Jennifer at The First Grade Dream!  
She is the winner of the My Rubber Stamp Give Away!



  1. Aww, man! I was so close. I had "Jennifer" ...and "First Grade..." just not dream. Darn! lol

    First Grade Blue SKies

  2. The Reading Karate program looks so motivational! Can't wait to find out more. I'm heading over there now. Thanks for sharing!

    First Grade Brain Sprinkles

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